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“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug”—Mark Twain

First of all, I'd like to thank you for visiting my website. You have reached one of the rare(*) scientific editing websites specializing in physical and mathematical sciences—most of the people in this field come from research careers in biology or medicine.

I began my science writing career at the University of Michigan, where in addition to obtaining my doctorate I worked for the department editing and writing textbooks, course materials, and websites. For the next few years, while pursuing a full-time research career at Stanford University and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, I edited and refereed a steady stream of astrophysics papers as well as a popular science book on the early history of cosmology.

After moving to Paris to do research with the Commisariat d'Energie Atomique astrophysics group, I decided to phase out my research activities altogether and devote myself to the art of scientific and technical communication. Advanced mathematics and complicated equations pose no barrier, and my technical editing service will even provide recommendations on the presentation and level of detail in your derivations. I have edited many articles in economics, applied math, and computer science in addition to physics and engineering.

I also have extensive experience as an educator, having written and taught courses in technical writing, experimental and theoretical physics, mathematics, and scientific programming.

(*) The only such site that I was able to find on the internet as of January 2006, but it's possible I missed one.


"It seems that you can read my mind. Your edits did not change...what I attempted to put into words, but they clarified a number of ambivalent sentences."
— Viktor R.
"Thanks so much for your excellent work!"
— Alisha W. "Thanks for your careful work. The paper looks great."
— Ann P.